wave music

scope: user research, UX, UI, branding

product: top 200 iOS app

role: co-founder, lead product designer

wave music

scope: user research, UX,

UI, branding

product: top 200 iOS app

role: product designer

summary header

Wave Music is a social music app integrated with Spotify and Apple Music where users could listen to and chat about music together, in real-time. Our goal was to create an app where people could connect emotionally through music online -- the way fans do at a concern IRL. This app ranked in the top 200 on the iOS App Store. All work displayed here was implemented.

home screen_wave music

In addition to designing all screens and flows for the mobile app, I also updated the company's look and feel with a rebrand. I created this app icon-friendly logo and the signature blue gradient used throughout the app and company design assets.

gradient_wave music

From the start, I knew creating a “wave” (or live playlist) needed to be a fast, simple and rewarding 3-step process. Reducing friction to create supply was key. I made each question the focal point of the screen and used the blue gradient to add consistency in design.

song selection_wave music

The host had the ability to livestream him-/herself to add another layer of interaction with her/his “fans.” I strategically placed the camera icons in a place where it would not clutter or take away from the core experience.

star animation_wave music

I wanted the playback experience to be visually appealing and stimulating. Based on the results of 40+ user research surveys, we knew it was important to include information regarding genre about the “wave” -- users wanted to immediately know which waves they would be interested in and this was a valuable filter. Additionally, by adding comment and liking features, they could validate the host's efforts in creating a "wave".


We created a paywall feature so artists could monetize exclusive real-time listening events like access to early-release music and merchandise. Fans could swipe-up right from Instagram, pay for the event with Apple Pay and access the event right in the Instagram browser.