wave audio

scope: UX, UI, branding

products: landing page, web app, creator dashboard

role: co-founder, lead product designer

wave audio

scope: UX, UI, branding

products: landing page, web app,

creator dashboard

role: lead product designer

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´╗┐Wave Audio is an interactive podcasting web app for podcast hosts and listeners. The goal was to design an experience that facilitated fun + smart real-time engagement for both parties. The platform was used by tech influencers including Brian Norgard (former CPO of Tinder), Mike Solana (Founders Fund) and more.

home screen_wave audio

We wanted to create an experience where a fan could intellecutally engage with interesting content. Listeners and hosts could chat with each other about the theme being discussed and participate in polls while listening to the podcast in a shared real-time environment. This created a valuable commentary overlay that enriched the traditional podcast listening experience.

chat screen_wave audio

Incorporating polls in the user experience was a key feature for the app. We designed the polls to be as inutitive and easy to answer as possible by making them binary. A user could simply tap on either choice (or even double tap on their left or right headphone) and immediately be given real-time results while audio continued to play.


I also designed the company's landing page from scratch. I decided to incorporate modern and fun elements that would complement the color scheme and typography of Wave Audio's branding while making clear we were a consumer tech startup to be taken seriously!.

microanimations_wave audio

We created a self-serve dashboard where podcast hosts could set up live sessions of podcast episodes with just their RSS link. I created wireframes to begin simplifying and rehauling the user experience of this dashboard based on user interviews with our most active podcast hosts. We did not end up implementing final design for this due to other product priorities.