scope: user research, UX, UI, branding

products: wireframes, landing page, responsive web app

role: designer


scope: user research, UX,

UI, branding

products: wireframes, landing page,

web app

role: designer

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Verr helps labels and artist managers build creative apps to increase social engagement for their digital music marketing campaigns. Verr's apps have been used by Interscope Records/Universal Music Group. 

Problem: "cutting through the nosie" on the major social platforms to engage music fans in creative, authentic ways is tough for artists and their teams.


Solution #1: With Verr's leadership, I collaborated with the digital marketing team at Interscope Records to design Verr's first product: a Tweet generator that makes it simple and fun for fans to Tweet artist lyrics. Fans can click one-button on a landing page (link Tweeted by the artist) to Tweet out a random one-liner lyric from the artist's album. The Tweet contains the lyrics, album hashtag (e.g., #HotGirlBummer) and link back to the landing page (to create a viral loop).

During the design process, I incorporated feedback from both the label side from a functional perspective and artist side from an aesthetic perspective (we are generally constrained by the design assets provided to us by the artist which can be a fun creative challenge!). Artists like Blackbear and Lil Durk have used the Tweet generator to engage 100,000+ music fans, benefitting from increased UGC/more social media exposure. 

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Solution #2: I am also in process of designing a more comprehensive product for the Verr team that rewards fans for different types of social engagement with platforms like Spotify, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Based on conversations with the Interscope team and competitive analysis, I began drawing out wireframes.

The goal is to create a simple, intuitve product that simultaneously rewards fans for engaging socially with artist content online and offers artists more (creative) online marketing exposure. Fans are rewarded points that increase the chances of them winning rewards like free VIP concert tickets by, for example, posting a hashtagged Tweet, following the artist on Spotify, and completing other social media-based actions. One differentatior from our competitor was to design potential user-actions in a carousel-like system versus in a static page view -- based on user surveys, this "flow system" would result in higher task completion rates, a win-win for both fan and artist.


Based on this concept, we recently pitched a hi-fi mocks to Mumford & Sons' artist management team for the band's ongoing tour. Verr management is in active discussions with the team to roll this out.

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